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The VATAT is a professional organization for ag science teachers and supporters that informs members about the
latest ag ed practices, encourages higher standards of teaching and provides a unified voice in the state legislature.
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2019 Conference Workshop Proposals  
Posted 11/21/2018
The VATAT will be accepting conference workshop proposals from November 21st - February 18th. All submissions will then be presented to the elected Conference Planning Committee to be carefully reviewed for inclusion in the conference schedule. 
All proposals must be submitted via the official form on the VATAT website.

2018 Conference Workshop Materials  
Posted 8/1/2018
Access all 2018 conference workshop materials. Documents will be updated as they are received by VATAT staff. 

Professional Mentor Program Application  
Posted 7/31/2018
Please complete and submit this application and the Administrator Agreement form by August 17, 2018.

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