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Texas Legislature Online is a service provided by the state to keep the public informed as to who is on different committees, what bills have been filed and information about bills as to text, fiscal note and status of the bill. You can also find out when committees are meeting and agendas, and meeting times of the full Senate and House. If you have a Real Player on your computer you can even watch the activities being broadcast. Visit Texas Legislature Online at: www.capitol.state.tx.us

Who Represents Me?      
It is also important that you make contact with your state representatives and senators to voice your concerns regarding the maintenance of weighted funding, teacher salaries and teacher insurance. The legislators will be more receptive to requests made by their constituents. Find out who your legislators are and their contact information: Who Represents Me?

NameDate AddedSize
2017 VATAT Legislative Agenda 1/26/2017 728 KB
Side-by-Side Comparison of the Bills 12/18/2015 432 KB
2013 VATAT legislative agenda (2-2013) 12/18/2015 973 KB

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