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  Scholarship 3D Archery Tournament    
  Posted 5/18/2018  
The entry form for the 2018 3D Archery Tournament is now online here. 
More information can be found here.

  VATAT Scholarship Golf Tournament:    
  Posted 5/16/2018  
  The entry form for the 2018 VATAT Scholarship Golf Tournament is now online here. You have the option to pay online or send a check to the VATAT office. The deadline to register is June 25, 2018.

Please note: Due to restrictions of the golf course there will be no entries taken for the golf tournament after June 25. There will be no entry and pay on the day of the tournament. 

  Wednesday/Thursday Workshop Schedule and Descriptions    
  Posted 5/14/2018  
  View a tentative list of the 2018 VATAT conference professional development workshops.   

  2018 Tenure    
  Posted 5/10/2018  
  Tenure information for the 2018 VATAT Conference is now available. If you spot an error regarding your tenure please email Karen@vatat.org.  

  2018 Conference Schedule    
  Posted 4/23/2018  
  A tentative schedule for the 2018 VATAT Conference is now available. This schedule is subject to change.  

  VATAT Award Applications    
  Posted 4/19/2018  
  The 2018 VATAT and NAAE award applications are now online!  

  VATAT Professional Development Conference Registration    
  Posted 3/1/2018  
  VATAT Professional Development Conference Registration is now open!  

  VATAT Professional Development Conference Housing    
  Posted 3/1/2018  
  View the list of hotels for the 2018 VATAT Professional Development Conference.   

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