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Mission Statement

The Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas is a professional organization for agriculture science teachers and supporters of agriculture education. Dedicated to member services, the association informs agriculture teachers about the latest agricultural education practices, encourages higher standards of teaching agriculture, provides up to date professional development, and gives agriculture education a unified voice in the state legislature and other governing bodies. The association’s goal is to be the most effective and efficiently operated association in Texas.


Core Areas

There are four core areas that the VATAT as a professional organization will emphasize to its members & supporters.

  1. Ethical Leadership
  2. Professional Development of Agriculture Teachers
  3. Agricultural, FFA Program, & Agriculture Education Advocacy
  4. Stewardship of the VATAT


1. Ethical Leadership

A. Encourage and offer a support system for agriculture teachers to teach and
lead their students by example, stressing core values.

B. Encourage and offer a support system for agriculture teachers to follow
their core values within the profession.

C. Continue to allow agriculture teachers the opportunity to represent their
peers in leadership roles as VATAT board members or association officers
and give these members leadership roles that they can take pride and
ownership in for the betterment of our association.

D. Utilize a committee process to plan, develop and implement association
policies and procedures for continuous improvement of the VATAT.
Committee members would be charged with the planning, development
and implementation of said policies and procedures.


2. Professional Development of Agricultural Teachers

A.  Continue to provide up to date professional development to agriculture
teachers throughout each school year as well as at the Professional
Development Conference to afford teachers the opportunity to teach on the
cutting edge of the agriculture industry and industry standards.

B. Continue to work with the Texas FFA Association, Texas FFA
Foundation, Texas Education Agency, Post Secondary Universities and
other entities to provide leadership and curriculum training and continuing
education to all agriculture teachers.

C. Continue to develop and improve a Mentoring Program for teachers of
zero to five years of teaching experience.

D. Continue to provide training to teachers about the importance of
developing solid relationships with local advisory boards and support
groups such as a local Young Farmers Chapter, FFA Alumni Chapter or
Booster Club.

E. Continue to provide training to teachers that relates to building solid
relationships with school administration and local school boards.

F. Develop and implement an Endorsement Level Certification Track to
allow teachers to receive continuing education hours and receive
additional certifications throughout teacher tenure. 


3. Advocacy

A. Continue to provide teacher training focusing to the importance of
advocating for the local program, themselves, and their students.

B. Provide training to teachers that promotes proper professional ethics and
how unethical behavior can affect a program, individual, school,
agriculture, etc.

C. Provide websites and areas of social media that teachers can reference to
advocate for agriculture as a whole or on the local and community level.

D. Continue to promote and maintain a close working relationship with the
Young Farmer Chapters throughout the state to provide adult education to
its adult members on a local, area and state level.

E. Continue to promote and serve as an “Ambassador” of agricultural
education issues to an ever-demanding body of policy, and decision
makers at the state and local levels.

F. Continue to work closely with members of the state legislature, State
Board of Education and Texas Education Agency to keep members abreast
of upcoming changes in education laws, curriculum, certifications, etc.
and to act as a voice for the agriculture teacher profession. 


4. Stewardship of the VATAT

A. Continue to be good stewards of membership dues and other income to
provide membership benefits and maintain the association’s assets.

B. Continue to develop a yearly working budget by the association finance
committee that reflects day-to-day activities of the association.

C. Work toward developing a cash reserve or fund balance to ensure the
stability of the VATAT Association.

D. Continue to work with Team Ag Ed to develop sponsorships and
relationships mutually beneficial to all.

E. Refine current member benefits and develop new member benefits for
association members.

F. Develop and implement a financial plan to retire the mortgage debt of the
Ford Leadership Center prior to maturity date of the debt.

G. Maintain a competitive salary and benefit structure to maximize employee
productivity and longevity through Executive Director & Personal
Committee recommendations from staff evaluation documents.

H. Allow for office staff professional development to improve staff

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