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Major Livestock Show Advisory Committee      
The purpose of the VATAT Animal Industries Committee is to ensure that agriculture teachers of Texas have input with the major livestock shows as to recommendations and judges for upcoming shows. The committee will serve as a branch of the VATAT and under the pleasure of the VATAT Board of Directors. The committee will work in conjunction with the county agriculture extension agents’ Animal Industries Committee.

Swine Validation      
Swine Validation is coordinated through the Texas FFA office. For information about current validation please visit: For county chairman: Order your tags at For any questions or additional information, please email: Carole Frampton, Swine Validation Coordinator at

Classification Guidelines      
NameDate AddedSize
2018-2019 Classifiers 7/24/2018 105 KB
2019-2020 Swine Classification Guidelines 8/21/2019 6567 KB
Steer Classification Guidelines 12/18/2015 368 KB

NameDate AddedSize
Beta agonists For Steers 12/18/2015 2011 KB
Exclusive feeding trials and showing tips for your students 12/18/2015 164 KB

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  Important Updates
2016 HLSR Junior Commercial Steer Feeding Management Contest (Update 7-7-2015)
2016 HLSR Junior Commercial Steer Feeding Management Contest
State Fair Validation Tag Orders . Chairman, Visit to place your orders. For questions or additional Information email

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