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Each year the VATAT president assigns committees to evaluate, improve and carry out the activities of the Association. The 2018-19 committee members are listed below.

Chair- Ryan Pieniazek
Tracey Cortez
Karrie Cox
Doug Fox
Jim Harris
Bryan Hawkins
Monty Main
Sid Morris
J.T. Naron
Marty Resendez
Christy Tobola
Josh Weston
Ralph Wilson

Education and Scholarship      
Chair- Will Cauthen
Brad Barnett
Bonnie Beard
Gary Briers
Lynita Foster
Jayson Hill
Kevin Kelley
Jacob Lange
Douglas LaVergne
Rodney Peugh

Human Resources      
Chair- David Bray
Mike Broussard
Tammy Christian
Jeff Kennedy
Stephen Peikert
Craig Rounsaville
Josh Stapleton
Mike Wallace

Chair- Aaron Bednarz
Brad Bevel
Darren Cosby
Mark Davis
Jesse Guerra
Michael Meadows
Beverly Schroedter

Chair- Terry Baize
Shane Crafton
Jimmy Key
Traylor Lenz
Melvin Pouncy
Glenn Sesco

Member Services      
Chair- Nathan Jordan
Marco Barrientes
Beth Gann
Jennifer Gilbreath
Seth Lucas
Shane Miller

Chair- Troy Oliver
Steve Belyeu
Michael Collins
Ted Eddins
Eric Harrel
Danny Kempen
Melissa Loerwald
Jeff Miller
Troy Oliver
Monica Patrick
Jessica Reeves

Partnership and Cooperation      
Chair- Lisa Pieper
Kenneth Benson
Ronald Blum
Mike Gann
Benny Garza
Patrick Padgett

Professional Improvement      
Chair-Cheryl Kinney
Billy Johnson
Toby Long
Brandon Otto
Danny Reaves
Chad Reese
Mike Sammon

Chair- Roxanne Zahradnik
David Burton
Glenn Clinard
Bobby Farias
Erynn Jenschke
Brent Kiefer
Anthony Meurer
Kevin Thomas
Jason Woods

Executive Committee      
Area 1 Kevin Kelley
Area 2 David Bray
Area 3 Jessica Reeves
Area 4 JT Naron
Area 5 Glenn Sesco
Area 6 Nathan Jordan
Area 7 Danny Kempen
Area 8 Karrie Cox
Area 9 Ralph Wilson
Area 10 Jim Harris
Area 11 Troy Oliver
Area 12 Melissa Loerwald

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Please see the documents sections at the bottom of this page for the VATAT Committee Reports and Policies.



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