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Each year the Agriculture Teachers Association president assigns committees to evaluate, improve and carry out the activities of the Association.

Budget/Finance Committee      
Marty Resendez-Chair
Tracey Cortez
Jesse Guerra
Jayson Hill
Jimmy Key
Jay Newton
Staff: Ray Pieniazek

Communications Committee      
Christy Tobola-Chair
Glenn Clinard
Mark Hainline
Heather Rahm
Officer: Lynita Foster
Staff: Ashley Dunkerley

Human Resources Committee      
Jennifer Gilbreath-Chair
Benny Garza
Keith Porter
Officer: Traylor Lenz
Staff: Ray Pieniazek

Investments Committee      
Eric Davis-Chair
Donald Guillory 
John Holland
Lance Jonas
Brent Wicker
Staff: Ray Pieniazek

Legislative Committee      
Toby Long-Chair
Jeff Kennedy
Mike Sammon
Chris Wilder
Staff: Ray Pieniazek

Member Services Committee      
Jacob Lange-Chair
Nathan Jordan
Travis Lange
Rodney Peugh
Casey Wilson
Officer: Traylor Lenz
Staff: Michelle Vasbinder

Membership Committee      
Michael Collins-Chair
Eric Harrel
Kevin Packman
Sean McGuire
Joe Molina
Mark Davis
Patrick Padgett
Beth Gann
Brandon Otto
Bobby Farias
Roxanne Zahradnik
Wes McCarley
Officer: Troy Oliver
Staff: Karen Jones

Partnership and Cooperation Committee      
Michelle Sammon-Chair
Dennis Bratton
Cody Berry
Jim Bob Bradley
Casey Jones
Staff: Tori Rosser

Professional Improvement Committee      
Aaron Bednarz-Chair
Greg Clark
Traci Broom
Amanda Kacal
Officer: Lynita Foster
Staff: Michelle Vasbinder

Scholarship Committee      
Jessica Reeves-Chair
Steve Belyeu
Doug Fox
Brian Martin
Officer: Troy Oliver
Staff: Karen Jones

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Please see the documents sections at the bottom of this page for the Association's Committee Reports.

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