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  Curriculum Resources Development 2024  
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Curriculum Development Objective      
  1. Create a complete set of curriculum for popular agricultural science courses.

  2. Create resources that can be used to supplement lessons through several avenues.  

  3. Create resources that new and beginning teachers have a diverse set of lessons when starting in the classroom. 

  4. With an increasing number of teachers having 5 years or less experience accompanied with the increased number of teachers alternatively certifying curriculum resources are highly sought after.

  5. Create a complete curriculum that matches or meets each TEK with the current revisions to relieve teacher stress from planning daily lessons.

  1. Provide the opportunity for teachers to collaborate with fellow teachers to create a strong diverse set of lessons to fulfill the requirements of the focused course.

Curriculum Resources Development Application      

Curriculum Resource Developer expectations can be found here

If interested in serving on the curriculum resource development team the application can be accessed here

Application open January 2, 2024

Application closes February 1, 2024

Selection notification March, 2024

In person development dates: May 16th and 17th.  June 13 and 14th.  


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2024- Principles of Ag, Food, and Natural Resources


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