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School computers and individual school emails are like any other school property. The use of them is for school activities and performing your day-to-day duties as a teacher in that school district.

As a teacher, you need to be very careful what you use your school computer and email for. You should never forward an email that is of questionable nature or not related to your job. According to the Association attorney, if you receive questionable emails you should do one of two things: let your school district computer technician know about the emails so they can block the sender, or you should send an email to the sender asking them not to send these emails to your school email address. If you do not do one of these two things and just delete the emails, they can still be found in your computer and if you can not show evidence that you tried to stop the emails, you could have a problem. Do not download to your school computer, anything that is of a questionable nature. 

If you have any question dealing with this issue please call the Association office for clarification.

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