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Ag Teacher Talk Summary      
Teacher Talk Topic Description Link to recording Summary Sheet/Resources
Affordable, Fun, Fall Floral Arrangements Need inspiration for fall floral designs look no further. Great ideas and some sanity saving tricks Time: 51 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
Service That Serves Unique service ideas. If you need some help finding ideas this is one for you! Time: 38 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
Tracking Teacher Time Documentation is SO SO important. There may be a time where you need justification on your contract time so making a habit of documenting your time spend is important and can save you at some point in your career. Time: 6 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
Student Connections and Celebrations three opportunities you can bring to your chapter and students. Bridge connections between your CTE students and local community by hosting a career fair and celebrate students serving your community with a service signing day. Learn how to organize similar events and why you should. Time: 43 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
Travel Beyond Your Classroom If you are interested in bringing international travel to your program here is all you need to know as well as contacts to make it happen Time: 30 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
Vet-Client-Patient-Relationship(VCPR) & Antibiotics Use in Livestock If you are in charge of multiple animals in a barn you will want to be curent on guidleines surrounding anitbiotic use. Time: 43 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
Taking Advantage of National FFA Classroom Resources There are MANY great activities, lessons, and supporting resources through National FFA and the best part is they are FREE. Time: 40 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
Greenhouse Management and Plant Sales Ever want to host a plant sale but did not know where to start? Here is a great start to taing on this great opportunity. Time: 21 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
AET in the Classroom Basic setting up AET information, class resources, and advice on how to get AET into your classroom with ease and no stress. Time: 58 mins Summary Sheet/Resources
 Bringing Animals into the Classroom- Effectively and Safely  Join a panel of Texas Ag Teachers who find success in bringing animals into their classroom. If you currently utilize animals in your classroom to enhance your curriculum or want to learn how to effectively and safely this is for you!  Time: 30 mins

 Summary Sheet/Resources


 Farming is Risky Business; A Risk Management Lesson Resource 
Farming is Risky Business (FRB)  is an Interactive simulation between teachers and students that will fully engage students  to learn in real-time. Farming is Risky Business is provided to all schools in the US and funded in partnership by USDA, Risk Management Agency and completely free of charge to teachers to use in their classrooms.  Time: 48 mins  Summary Sheet/Resources
 Common Program of Study Questions Answered  With schedules being built for the year to come there are many question that come up. Join Ray Pieniazek as he answers the common program of study questions in this Q & A.    Time: 36 mins  Summary Sheet/Resources
 Art-iculture; Bringing the Arts and Agriculture Together 
  Learn how to use the arts to engage students with agriculture. The goal of this teacher talk is to provide practical examples you can use right away in any agricultural science course. Walk away inspired to try new things in the classroom.   Time: 53 mins Summary Sheet/Resources  

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